Pangaia Systems

Joe Aeberhard - Analyst Developer


Pangaia Systems is the name that Joe Aeberhard trades under as a freelance Senior Web Developer.

Since completing my Masters degree in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems with distinction in 2004 from the University of Sussex, I have gained a strong track record working on a variety of web-based systems. These have been diverse in nature - from standard front-facing web applications, right through to Web APIs and back-end system integrations. This has given me expertise in using technologies across the full stack, along with comprehensive experience of designing and delivering secure, scalable, high-performing solutions.

I am self-reliant and able to work effectively on my own, but equally enjoy working as part of a team and have even been Team Leader on previous projects.


  • C#
  • SQL
  • Entity Framework
  • Web API/REST Web Services
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

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I have worked extensively with Joe on a variety of projects and he has always done an outstanding job understanding the requirements and taking responsibility for delivering high quality work. Joe brings considerable expertise and experience to his work which enables him to ask insightful questions and suggest appropriate approaches to deliver a solution.
Ben Brett - Donorfy

Joe has an expert understanding of software development theory and practice, as well as the ability to apply his knowledge to solving client problems. I cannot recommend Joe’s work highly enough; he would be a valuable addition to any development team.
Ralph Windsor - FocusOpen Software

Joe delivered exactly was was requested on time and on budget. We are now using the CMS in a live environment and it's working as designed. Excellent. Will def. use again.
James Cumberbatch - Pushbutton

Very professional, responsive to client needs, and the development work carried out was completed to a very high standard, on time and within budget.
Stuart Wells - Wickedweb Ltd